Big Data technology is constantly improving. The introduction of new technology and improved versions of current technology are expected to continue in correlation with the anticipated growth of the Big Data industry. At present, there is a push to simplify Big Data technologies in an effort to improve results for business users. Simple to use technology is crucial, as IoT applications and analytics software become engrained in business decision-making processes. Big Data solutions for business users are the future, and a key, for most companies, to a proper solution is cloud-based storage.

Business in every industry has realized the potential benefit of Big Data. IoT applications, analytics software, and cloud-based storage are producing the best results, and as such, Big Data companies are investing heavily in these three areas in an attempt to develop the next great technology.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly. It is commonly used in the private sector to improve operational efficiency by monitoring a company’s infrastructure, providing valuable insight and reducing operational spend, but is increasingly being used for predictive maintenance. It is also being used in the public sector to integrate multiple information and communication technology (ICT) to manage assets and generate a higher quality of. IoT is also being used in smart homes, or homes with lighting, heating, and electronic devices, which can be controlled remotely. Smart cities and homes are relatively new, and technological advancements in these areas are to be expected in the near future.

Big Data Analytics is an incredibly important asset for revenue growth, operational cost reduction, and increased productivity. Demand has grown for next-generation analytics software for business users. Creating and visualizing actionable data from Big Data has become crucial for successful businesses, but difficult to use analytics software has been a hindrance to further growth. Analytics software that does not require additional staff or infrastructure has begun to replace traditional solutions, reducing the workload of IT departments and development teams.

Cloud-based storage solutions are increasingly preferred by companies attempting to deploy a Big Data application. Traditionally, companies opted for on-premise storage, as it was more secure and in some industries, necessary to comply with security regulations. However, there are numerous benefits of cloud-based storage, and as cloud hosting services become more secure, many companies are choosing the cloud for their Big Data implementations. By using cloud storage a company can save up-front costs and limit future IT expenses. Scaling is often easier in the cloud, as is document control and cross-department collaboration. It is important to note that the two are not mutually exclusive, and it is common for a company to deploy a hybrid model storage solution. The benefits of storing data, whether exclusively in a cloud or in a hybrid model, outweigh those of a traditional on-premise solution storage for many companies.

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