A proper Big Data solution can increase production, improve processes and make daily business operations more efficient. Business process in today’s global market must be agile. Big Data applications allow managers to respond to changing trends and make changes at a moments notice. Real-time Data, available on any device at any time, makes it possible for managers to quickly respond to problems with critical systems or production processes. Big Data solutions also give a company the ability to limit maintenance cost and production downtime. As mobile devices become increasingly important, businesses are developing applications to further improve operational efficiency. With predictive maintenance and mobile access companies can maximize the utilization of their assets.

Operations User Stories

With Big Data, a company can switch from preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance. This can be accomplished by connecting production systems to the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to monitor operational infrastructure and analyze machine data. This switch saves companies the cost of a maintenance service and unnecessary parts, limits the downtime of business critical assets, and saves time previously spent negotiating service contracts and managing repairs.

Companies with operational efficiency-centric Big Data solutions have begun to develop new mobile technology to further improve operational efficiency and employee productivity. For instance, new mobile apps can monitor, measure, and report on various aspects of business operations, giving managers the ability to make faster decisions and resolve various inefficiencies, such as equipment irregularities and energy waste.

With Big Data, companies can maximize the utilization of assets. Asset Optimization is arguably the most beneficial Big Data application in regard to operational efficiency. By basing optimization strategies on data recorded at the device level, companies can expect improved productivity and greater lifetime value for each asset. Optimization can extend the lifespan of an asset while simultaneously reducing downtime. As asset optimization methods continue to improve data collection and analysis will become easier and more affordable for smaller companies and organizations as the cost of computing and storage is expected to decrease.

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