Cloud Data Ingestion

Data ingestion, definition, search, and exploration. On-premise or in the cloud.

Data ingestion and replication replicates any or all of your data, whether it’s structured or unstructured, quickly and affordably. All attributes of your data are retained and can be stored on-premise or in a private and secure cloud. It even includes a smart file delivery system that knows which files are scheduled to arrive and when. ADEP automatically notifies users anytime something goes awry.


Flexible & Secure

ADEP can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. You're free to choose the technology infrastructure that works best for you.

Save Time

ADEP's Ingestion tool doesn't require additional resources or staff, saving you time and effort.


The ADEP Ingestion Engine enables data replication, definition, and search. An interface so simple anyone can use.


ADEP's Ingestion process ensures accuracy by using machine learning algorithms to automatically identify database fields, and automate/schedule your data files.

Cloud Data Ingestion Features

Automated File Transfer

Organize your data without impacting your technical staff. ADEP’s simple user interface gives you the ability to easily schedule a variety of data files for ingestion into any environment.

File Automation and Alerts

Ingest files without the stress. After file designation has been completed, simply create ingestion rules within the user interface to notify specific people upon success and/or failure of the file transfer. We also provide automated system auditing to ensure all of the expected files have arrived on time and in working condition.

File Definition

Define your files. ADEP gives you the option to define a file when preparing to connect datasets. We have made the process incredibly easy by developing a user experience simple enough for a non-technical user.

Search, View, and Download Contents of Any File

Know what your data actually looks like. You can easily search for data, view the contents of a file, and explore the individual record within the file without any technical intervention.


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