Data. Art or Science?

Creating data-driven solutions is a lot like painting. Success in either endeavor requires expertise, years of experience, and above all, creativity. Anyone can paint, but masterpieces are rare.

Think about it.

How many works of art can you name without cheating? Maybe three? The same goes for data-driven solutions. Anyone can say they are creating a unique solution to their data challenges, but success stories are few and far between.

Having paints, a brush, and a canvas doesn’t make someone an artist.

(The same goes for data and technology.)

Blending Art and Science

Apollobit is the Leonardo da Vinci of the data world. In true Renaissance fashion, we have blended art and science in our data solutions, as we believe lasting works of art can only be formulated with the perfect combination of logic and creativity. With this in mind, we set out to create our Mona Lisa, the Apollobit Data Enlightenment Platform (ADEP). Like the Mona Lisa, ADEP is flawless and provocative, yet refined and subtle.

We have developed an on demand all-inclusive Big Data solution with a simple-to- use interface. ADEP gives you the ability to ingest all of your files into a data lake. From there you can do any number of things with your data.

Painting inside the lines is boring.

Painting inside the lines is boring. Picasso made a career out of doing just the opposite. Chances are, at some point you’ve found a creative solution to a complex problem. ADEP was designed with people like you (and Picasso) in mind. ADEP does not require any coding and won’t slow down your existing IT and development teams.

Spend more time finding solutions to business problems...

not data problems.

(Simple solutions to complex problems.)

Want to play with and explore your data to find previously unnoticed insight? Cool, check out the data sandbox. Or, maybe your data scientists need to integrate third party data and segment your data. If so, our Data Illumination tool is the answer. Our Data Marketplace is where you can buy, sell and trade data. Our flawlessly designed user interface makes it easy to activate and connect your disparate data sets. Whatever you need, ADEP has you covered.

Unlike the fine curators over at the Louvre, you don’t need to worry about where to hang our Mona Lisa. You’ve got options! ADEP can be deployed on-premise, in your private cloud, or in our secure public cloud.

Stop wasting time and money.

Sure, you can blindly throw resources at a project, hire top professionals, and maybe even acquire technology, but is that any way to create a masterpiece? We’ve spent years on ours. Don’t waste time and money trying to develop your own solution, work with us! We’ve taken data to an artistic level and our metaphors are pretty great.

Are you still not convinced?
Because we’re running out of painting-themed metaphors.




Feel free to explore our site and dive into the details about our products and see what we can do for you. If you found this lame, please check out our product overview and thanks for sticking it out. Our dedicated and creative team looks forward to working with you!


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