Data Sandbox

A playground where data professionals can go to explore their company’s entire universe of data.

In-House data experts will have complete access to a truthful view of the business’s data combined with third party and Open Data sources. Within the Data Sandbox, experts can create and test models as well as share insights without slowing down IT or development processes. Other features include the ability to download selections, upload models, and tinker with data sets in one place, and on a customized schedule.



You can download selections at your convenience. Explore your data on your terms.


Scored models improve algorithms, giving you knowledge and insight faster than ever.


Share insights and models across your organization. Give everyone the knowledge they need to improve your business.


The ADEP Sandbox is Hadoop compatible. You have the flexibility to plug-in additional toolsets for further insights.

Data Sandbox Features

Connecting Disparate Universes of Data

Experiment with the data you need. You can easily download tables, selections, and segments of your data. Data can be downloaded from one or multiple datasets to run relevant models. We aspire to provide data scientists with the complete universe of their organizations data as well as having the ability to add second, third, and open data sets to their analysis.

More Play Less Work For Data Analysts and Scientists

Discover new markets, products, insights, and/or customer segments. The ADEP Data Sandbox empowers mathematically inclined data professionals with the ability to extract more value from an organizations data. More time playing with algorithms/models, no need to spend time working on code.

Ad Hoc Enhanced Data Discovery

Are you bored of batch reporting for dashboards and pre-configured reports. Do you have limited ad-hoc analysis capabilities? The ADEP Data Sandbox offers ad hoc data discovery.

Be Different and Create More Value

Everyone has the capability to run regular, scheduled data loads. Be different, and create more value by having the capability to run complex one-off and ad-hoc data loads over massive data volumes.Customize your toolset. Hadoop programs, such as Hive, Spark, etc., can be easily integrated with the ADEP Data Sandbox, making it easier than ever to explore your data.

GRC Requirements Giving You The Blues?

Typically driving large volumes of data into a data mart is driven by external factors such as Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) requirements. ADEP provides a powerful, untethered infrastructure that allows you to focus on your data needs rather than your organizations technological limitations.

Auto-Magically Cleaned Data

Data Quality is no joke! It is very important that your data goes through a comprehensive data hygiene/quality process and is clean and transformed prior being ingested. Not any more. With the ADEP Data Sandbox you can load raw data and the transformations and cleansing happen automagically.

Upgrade Your Output

Why does the typical output have to be so typical? Upgrade your historical reports, KPIs, scorecards, and multi-dimensional analysis with sophisticated analytics including aggregations, spatial, graphs, and more.

Creating models has never been simpler. ADEP’s all-inclusive environment gives you the ability to create data mining models: forecasts, predictions, and scoring with the ADEP Data Sandbox. If you would prefer to run models in an external environment, the Apollobit Data Sandbox makes it easy to export your data selection too.
Sharing insight has never been easier. Once the models have been completed, simply upload them back into ADEP. You can then set the permissions and enable access throughout your organization.


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