Data Integration and Automation

Securely integrate data in any format, at anytime, anywhere.

After your data has been integrated, connected, and activated ADEP then allow you to simply and securely integrate with internal and external systems in any format, at any time, and anywhere. ADEP provides you with the ability to integrate with any partner or vendor that you require. If Apollobit doesn't have a predefined format setup, we'll create a custom implementation for you.



With ADEP you can save time by automating your data integration processes.

Peace of Mind

You can rest easy knowing your data transfers and integration have been fully audited to guarantee an accurate delivery.


You'll be notified on the status of your data processes. You know what's happening with your data.


Your data can be integrated with any system in any format, making it simple to manage.

Data Integration and Automation Features

Data Scheduling and Automation

Manage your data without the hassle. After you’ve identified the necessary processes for managing your data, simply schedule them to be automated in the future. This allows you to manage your data without slowing down IT or hiring additional staff.

Code-Free Setup

Schedule and automate without impacting development resources. Simply point and click, and you’re off to the races.

Scheduled and Automated Processes

Don’t let your data keep you up at night. Schedule your processes! Whether you’re scheduling a process to merge datasets, performing data quality/hygiene processes, or appending your datasets, sleep well with the knowledge that everything is running to perfection.

Technology Infrastructure Not Required

Time and money are your most valuable resources, don’t waste them on your Big Data infrastructure. ADEP can be setup on premise, on a private and secure cloud, or on our public cloud. If you wish to expend almost no effort, you can instantly automate your data processes.


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