Data Connectivity and Activation

Connect any number of disparate data sets across any channel in any industry.

Aggregating and matching disparate data can be simply accomplished with ADEP. We take our advanced system of match algorithms and couple it with one's unique knowledge of their business’s data to facilitate the matching and truth process. This process defines your data sets and identifies the truth about people, places, products, and events/actions within your data.


Fast Insights

Connecting your disparate data sets empowers your data professionals to reveal unseen patterns, giving you new insights faster.


Connect your data with minimal intervention from your technology team. ADEP's easy-to-use interface makes connecting and activating your data simple.

Activated Data

Once the connectivity process has been completed your data is activated. It can now be easily explored, analyzed, segmented, monetized, and/or integrated with your partners, vendors.


ADEP's connectivity and activation tool have the ability to connect structured and unstructured data. The real power of Big Data at your fingertips.

Data Connectivity and Activation Features

Simplified Data View

Gain insight from all of your data. ADEP supports connected datasets from second or third party providers. In the name of privacy, we enable personally identifiable information (PII) anonymization and make it simple for you to set user permissions and data governance.

Simple To Use Drag-and-Drop Interface

No coding required. ADEP was developed to be user friendly, the amazing, easy to use interface gives you the ability to connect first, second, and third party data sets with the click of a mouse.

Data Reconciliation

Find the most relevant data within your dataset. ADEP’s automated reconciliation process helps you identify the best data within your dataset for you to use. Identify the best data source for any data element and use that as your golden record moving forward.


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